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Words are powerful! We'll make sure you say what you mean.

Proper editing is important when creating a clear, concise, and enjoyable reading experience. An objective set of eyes will help flush out those embarrassing spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as help you improve as a writer by flagging the inconsistencies and repetitions that hamper flow.

With so many books to choose from, be sure yours stands out.

We work with you to design a compelling book cover that will speak to the tone of your manuscript and draw in readership. Our graphic designers are skilled at giving your books the love and attention they deserve, and are trained in meeting the exact specifications for distribution.

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That feeling you have when you hold a good book isn't happenstance, it's psychology.

Our team has spent years of formal education understanding the meticulous dance between the science and art that goes into book design. Dimensions, margins, layout, design elements, and typography all play crucial roles in flow, immersion, and breathability.

Let your readers experience the highest standards of your work with a professional, press-ready interior.

Our mission

We are a community of professional writers, readers, designers and publishers who want to help you share your words with the world, without breaking the bank.

Publishing with Thoughweft is a creative collaboration that matches skilled graduates of editing and publishing programs with writers of all stages. Each member of our team has had years of writing, design and publishing education, and we're ready to make your work shine.


By choosing Thoughtweft, you provide new editors and designers the experience they need to establish themselves in one of the most competitive freelance industries in the world and, in return, you receive professional publishing services at affordable rates.


Let's share your words.