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Bone Grove Merchant

Bone Grove Merchant is the exciting sequel to the award nominated Fatespinner, and the second installment in the Fatespinner Trilogy.

New Life, Same Attitude

Whisper’s cheated death once already, but can her luck keep up with her mouth? Stripped of her power, prey of the gods, and slave to a monster that now lurks in her veins, she still manages to talk herself into deadly confrontations. Rival pirate fleets now call to war; naturally, she’ll somehow end up in the middle of it.

A Dragon Stirs

It’s been two decades since the last dragon was destroyed, or so it seemed; the blood of a new Queen of Drakes hungers quietly. Soon, a power unlike any other will be unleashed into the world. Will it save the people from the demons that linger in the night, or embrace the chaos and unleash a reckoning of its own?

Stolen Secrets

A sacred treasure has been stolen from the impenetrable vault of the Phoenix Queen, and she will do anything to get it back, even if it means colluding with the coming tide of demon kings. A pirate captain is on the run, but the queen’s noose tightens—desperate to rescue her dark secret from its elusive new owner.

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