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Book Design

Reading is an experience, and nothing helps the immersion more than a well designed book. Proper interior dimensions, typography, design and layout maximizes how the human eye interprets your story and is crucial for the readability of your work.

We didn't get our diplomas and degrees by self-educating. We've spent years in college and university studying the psychology, science, and artistry of book design, so let us create the best stage for your masterpiece.

We take your finished manuscript and carefully craft the interior margins, typography, and layout to best reflect your style and tone. Every book is thoughtfully designed with pride and meets all publishing dimensions and standards for print and distribution.

There are two revision rounds to ensure perfection.

Standard Book Design – $5 / page

Common for novels, this service is for books comprised mostly of text. They must contain less than twenty images, charts, or other complexities before qualifying as Advanced Book Design.

Advanced Book Design – $7 / page

For more complicated layouts that require time-intensive formatting. Examples include: non-fiction, poetry collections, scholarly works, and technical manuals.

Intensive Book Design – $9 / page

We're pulling out every design tip and trick we've got for this one. This is for the most complicated and labour-intensive projects that feature multiple columns, specialized charts, footnotes, sidebars, decorative elements, advanced photo elements, and/or other specialized formatting. This is common for coffee table books.


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