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Editing is an essential step in your journey to successful publishing. Be sure your book is ready to hit the marketplace by letting our team polish and refine it.

There are different types of editing, ranging from an objective set of eyes catching any spelling and grammatical errors, to a full assessment of structure and integrity aimed at strengthening the entire body of work. We offer the whole range, giving you the opportunity to choose what's best for you.

*Manuscript Assessment is $400 for up to 75,000 words, and 0.5 / word thereafter

Manuscript Assessment – $400*

Not sure what your manuscript needs? No problem. We'll tell you exactly what works, what doesn't, and where to go from there.

Your entire manuscript will be read by one of our editors, without making any changes. They will then write a detailed report of your work – between three and ten pages long – assessing the strengths, weaknesses, and what can be expected from further revisions. They will suggest the editing and design strategy that best serves the integrity of your work.

Developmental Editing – 3.5/ word

Our developmental edit is a two-stage process that begins by looking at the manuscript as a whole, and then focuses on how each line, paragraph, and chapter contributes to the story.

We first do an extensive inspection of the structure, story, and integrity for inconsistencies, repetitions, contradictions, and pacing, to best answer questions like:

  • Are my characters developed enough?

  • Does the pace lag anywhere?

  • How effective is my hook?

  • Does the dialogue and structure maximize the flow?

We then do a second round where we polish it with a copy edit: correcting spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and awkward sentences.

Your story is assessed line-by-line, providing you with suggestions that will improve your skill as a writer. For a full, traditional edit that sets the foundation for your literary journey and best helps you grow as a writer, developmental editing is for you.

Copy Editing – 1.5/ word

This is the simplest form of editing and clears up all spelling and grammatical errors, fixes broken or awkward sentences, and ensures your work has a clear and consistent tone. At the very least, your manuscript should be copy edited before going to print.

Proofreading – 1.0/ word

Proofreading is a final check for spelling and grammatical mistakes that may have slipped by during the copy editing stage. Because these tiny mistakes are easy to miss when you and your copy editor get close to the manuscript, you will be assigned a second editor for proofreading to guarantee a fresh set of eyes.


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